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Flood Repair Services

Offering FloodRepair Services

At Duralix, customers’ needs always come first. We continually pursue more effective methods and technology to allow us to meet changing needs and regulations while still keeping our services affordable.

As a small company, we believe in treating each customer as an individual. Our well-trained, experienced staff will help you make the best decisions throughout the assessment and repair process with accurate damage estimates and updates.

A flooded home is never a pleasant experience. Sometimes, water can be as destructive as fire, and a major flood can cause countless amounts of damage—not to mention the destruction of personal and sentimental items that can’t be replaced.

As many homeowners are

aware, simply removing

water from the house isn’t

enough. Water damage can

seep through walls and

other personal items where

it can cause further problems. Also, if there’s been too much water, and for too long, the air can become oversaturated—requiring a complete dehumidification.

If you’ve recently experienced any amounts of water damage or flooding, call Duralix right away. With our professional team of flood remediation experts, we can address the problems quickly and efficiently. 

Mold Services-Mold Damage and Restoration

Mold Inspection | Mold Removal | Mold Damage Restoration

Mold is a fungus that grows in areas excessive moisture and standing water. If ignored and allowed to grow, mold can pose serious health risks to the occupants of the infested area. Common causes of mold-producing dampness are:

Sewage Leaks
Roof Leaks
Plumbing Issues
Damp Basements or Crawl Spaces
Overflow from sinks, bathtubs, or toilets
High humidity
Steam Cooking
Dryer Vents

Mold Inspection:  If you have, or think you may have mold growths in your property, you can call Duralix to investigate. We will:

  1. Inspect and assess the situation
  2. Take air and surface samples
  3. Test the samples, including black mold
  4. Inspect the Central Air Duct System
  5. Take Moisture Meter Measurements

Mold Removal:  If you test positive for having mold, Duralix will provide mold damage and containment assessment and mold removal through the following mold remediation and decontamination techniques:

  1. Extraction:  remove as much water as possible
  2. Apply antimicrobial disinfectants
  3. High Pressure Air Flow:  use commercial drying units to force moisture out of the air
  4. Dehumidifiers:  extract at least 200 pints of water per day per 300 square feet

Mold Damage Restoration:  If parts of your structure are heavily infested with mold, removing the drywall or flooring may be the best option. Duralix professionals can remove the effected materials and reconstruct the structure to match its original condition in a timely, professional manner.