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Fire Damage Restoration 

     It often seems like a fire can rob homeowners and their families of

everything. With the possibility to destroy an entire house, even the

thought of a fire at home is terrifying.

For many, unfortunately, it’s a terrible reality. The painful task of

rebuilding after a major fire is never easy; fortunately, fire damage

remediation companies can assist in the rebuilding process. With a

professional, experienced staff, much of what was originally thought

lost can be brought back to life.

If you’ve recently had a fire in the home, call Duralix immediately. With experience helping clients in and around the area, we can quickly and efficiently respond to any house fire situation. Applying some of the most effective techniques today, we can restore property back to its original condition.

With the right team of restoration experts, no job should be too tough to handle. The fire damage remediation specialists at Duralix can provide the experienced and professional guidance needed to help homeowners begin to piece their lives back together after even the most traumatic of fires.

No Matter the Size of the Fire, Smoke Damage Is Still a Risk

While smaller flames pose a significantly lesser threat to structural integrity than larger infernos, smoke can still lead to damage in the immediate area of the fire, as well as throughout the house, since it can easily spread. This tends to keep the problems related to smoke damage out of sight and, unfortunately, out of mind.

Many homeowners mistakenly assume that smoke, at its worst, only leaves odor and discoloration behind. The truth is, the threat of smoke is far more insidious.

No matter the size of the fire, smoke should be a concern for any homeowner. While it can easily harm property, smoke also poses health risks. The toxic residue left behind from fire and smoke can easily be inhaled or absorbed from contact.

Since smoke can also travel throughout the house, other types of property damage can occur. Smoke is actually acidic, so it can cause electrical failure, as well as the destruction of paint and furniture finishes. Future fires are often caused by such damage.

Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Even if there are no direct signs of damage from smoke, it’s always a smart plan to have an area thoroughly checked by a professional. The only way to ensure a home has been completely recovered after a fire is by hiring smoke damage cleaners, as well as fire remediation services.

If your home has recently suffered a fire, Duralix can provide smoke damage restoration services in order to rid an area of odors, visible damage and discoloration. By thoroughly inspecting and cleaning every sign of damage, we can restore your home to its former beauty.